Human M1 Macrophages (GM-CSF) monocyte-derived

Monocyte-derived, polarized, non-activated, primary human macrophages. Polarization in M1-Macrophage Generation Medium DXF (incl. GM-CSF).

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PromoCell’s cryopreserved human monocyte-derived macrophages (hMDM) are convenient and easy-to-handle. The thawed cells plate into all tissue culture vessel formats and can be maintained as adherent, biologically functional cultures for several weeks. Optionally, user-customizable activation of the cells can be performed.

Cryopreserved human macrophages are produced from monocytes in PromoCell’s well-proven M1 Macrophage Generation Media DXF and are available as non-activated, fully qualified M1- (GM-CSF) polarized cells. After 9-10 days of differentiation, the M1 macrophages are cryopreserved using PromoCells’s proprietary, defined and animal-free freezing medium, Cryo-SFM. Each cryo vial contains more than 1.5 million or 5 million viable cells after thawing, respectively.

Recommended Plating Density 100.000 cells per cm2
Tested Markers CD80 positive, CD68 positive
Figure 1. Human Macrophage Cell Culture in phase contrast