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Research Areas

Vast numbers of applications for our cells, specialized media, and cell biology tools exist. We support basic researchers and translational scientists working to advance in human medicine. This is why PromoCell products play a key role in so many research areas.

Read about recent applications of cell culture in cutting-edge life sciences. Our tools and solutions are helping leading scientists worldwide to build the future of biomedicine. In this section, find the products and scientific resources we offer for particular fields of research.

Biomaterials Research

Using modern cell culture techniques and innovative biomaterials, researchers can develop new treatment approaches such as regenerative therapies. Such applications are needed as the world population ages and increasingly suffers from chronic conditions.

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Cancer Research

In recent years, cancer research has advanced steadily. However, tumor diseases are still the second-leading cause of death worldwide. Every cancer is different, and in vitro studies enable scientists to understand individual diseases on a molecular level and to develop targeted therapies.

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Cardiovascular Research

A silent worker: Our hearts beat from birth to death. Problems with the heart's function can lead to life-threatening conditions. Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. In vitro models are helping researchers understand disease mechanisms and develop new therapies.

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Dermatological Research

Advances in dermatological research provide insights on the body’s largest organ, and serve to improve treatment of skin damage, including disease, wounds, or burns. Cell culture assays provide the basic knowledge that could translate into new therapies.

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Diabetes Research

With diabetes mellitus on the rise worldwide, further understanding of the disease is critical for the development of more effective treatments.

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Immunological Research

An essential network of proteins, cells and organs: Our immune system defends the body against threats from the outside. Discover how cell culture studies are crucial for immunological research and the development of new immunotherapies for cancer, autoimmune diseases, infections and allergies.

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Respiratory Research

Oxygen is critical for survival, and our lungs are the gateway into the body. Cell Culture in Respiratory Research generates new insights about lung function and common diseases, such as COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, and hypertension.

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Stem Cell Research

Stem cell research holds tremendous promise for medical treatments, but scientists still have much to learn about how stem cells, and the specialized cells they generate, work in the body, and in particular, about their capacity for healing.

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