Primary Cancer Culture System 

PromoCell’s Primary Cancer Culture System is a standardized, animal component-free and serum-free system for the isolation and culture of human primary tumor cells. It supports the long-term culture of cancer cells while maintaining the original tumor properties and heterogeneity with controlled stroma support. Prolonged culture allows for functional selection of malignant cells giving access to an enriched population of primary cancer cells.

An innovative solution for culturing primary cancer cells: 

  • Isolate: Reliable technique designed to support a broad range of cancer types
  • Culture: Long-term culture support of patient tumor samples and of patient-derived xenografts (PDX)
  • Purify: Enrichment of primary cancer cells by depletion of non-malignant cells

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Figure 1: Isolation and culture of primary human cancer cells from tumor specimens using the Primary Cancer Culture System (click to open large file). The optional establishment of cancer cell lines is indicated as well.










Human Macrophages 

Human M1 Macrophages (GM-CSF), monocyte-derived
Human M2 Macrophages (M-CSF), monocyte-derived

Primary human macrophages (Mϕ) are hard to isolate from tissue in sufficient amounts with a homogeneous phenotype, do not proliferate in culture, and are difficult to handle in vitro.

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The thawed cells plate into all tissue culture vessel formats and can be maintained as adherent, biologically functional cultures for several weeks. Optionally, user-customizable activation of the cells can be performed.


Figure: Overview of macrophage culture with cryopreserved human macrophages, user-customizable activation of the cells is optional. (click to open large file)