Skeletal Muscle Cells

Primary Human Skeletal Muscle Cells (SkMC) are isolated from different skeletal muscles (e.g. Musculus pectoralis major) from adult single donors (lot specific source information is available on request). They are positive for sarcomeric myosin and negative for smooth muscle specific α-actin.
New skeletal muscle cells originate from quiescent satellite cells, which are located in the muscle fibers between the basal lamina and the sarcolemma. Quiescent satellite cells are activated by stimuli such as muscle damage. After activation, the cells, now called myoblasts, start to proliferate and fuse with damaged muscle fibers or with one another forming new myotubes.

SkMC are optimal for in vitro muscle studies. They proliferate very well in the mitogen-rich PromoCell Skeletal Muscle Cell Growth Medium. Fusion to myotubes with typical multinucleated syncytia can be induced by using the PromoCell Skeletal Muscle Cell Differentiation Medium.

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