Human Uterine Fibroblasts (HUF)

Primary Human Uterine Fibroblasts (HUF) are isolated from the uterine wall. During pregnancy, the uterine wall undergoes deep but reversible structural and biochemical changes. The uterine wall is the target of hormones and growth factors that act simultaneously and lead to extensive modifications of the extracellular matrix. This and other morphological and biochemical effects can be studied in vitro using HUF.

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Human Uterine Fibroblasts (HUF) 500,000 cryopreserved cells C-12385 click to select country
Human Uterine Fibroblasts (HUF) 500,000 proliferating cells C-12386 click to select country
HUF Pellet 1x106 cells in RNAlater C-14038 click to select country