Human Primary Cells

PromoCell offers a wide variety of high quality human primary cells. The tissue used for the isolation of these cells is obtained from approved medical centers following strict ethical standards. Shortly after isolation, the cells are cryopreserved using the unique serum-free PromoCell Cryo-SFM and an optimized, computer controlled freezing profile. This allows high viability of the cells and defined culture conditions after thawing.

All PromoCell primary cells are available cryopreserved or proliferating. Each cell lot is tested for cell type specific markers, cell morphology, population doubling time, and proliferation capacity. In addition, tests for the absence of HIV 1, HIV 2, HBV, HCV, fungi, mycoplasma, and other bacteria are performed. Moreover, cell pellets prepared from released cell lots and stored in RNAlater® are available. They are useful for DNA, RNA, and protein isolation and their subsequent analysis.

If you require custom isolation of human primary cells, please visit our Custom Solutions contact site.