Osteoblast Growth Medium

PromoCell Osteoblast Growth Medium was developed to establish and maintain human osteoblast cultures. The fetal calf serum in the medium is strictly pretested for optimal performance.

The media are optimized for primary human cells but can also be used for bovine, murine, and rat osteoblasts as well as osteoblast cell lines.

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Final supplement concentrations
(after addition to the medium)
Fetal Calf Serum0.1 ml / ml

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Product Name Size Catalog Number Information Prices
Osteoblast Growth Medium (Ready-to-use) 500 ml C-27001 click to select country
Osteoblast Basal Medium 500 ml C-27010 click to select country
Osteoblast Basal Medium, phenol red-free 500 ml C-27015 click to select country
Osteoblast Growth Medium SupplementMix 1 Mix for 500 ml C-39615 click to select country