Spore-EX Wipes

Wipes for highest-level isinfection of lab surfaces

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Spore-EX Wipes
  120 pieces
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Spore-EX Wipes are a simple and fast solution for cleaning and disinfecting a variety of laboratory surfaces. There’s no need for multiple products when you have the convenience of a simple-to-use wipe. Just wipe, toss, and you’re done.
Similar to our Spore-EX Spray, Spore-EX Wipes are highly effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses, and spores in reliably preventing microbial contamination. Spore-EX Wipes contain a non-alcohol based, non-corrosive and non-carcinogenic solution that is virtually non-hazardous but kills microbes effectively and fast.

Spore-EX Wipes are supplied as single-use wipes in a convenient product safety container.

Spore-EX Wipes not available in the US and Canada!