Smooth Muscle Cell Growth Medium 2

Low-serum cell culture medium for smooth muscle cells from blood vessels and hollow organs

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The PromoCell Smooth Muscle Cell Growth Medium 2 is a low-serum (5% V/V) medium developed to establish and maintain smooth muscle cell cultures from blood vessels and hollow organs.

Although all PromoCell media are optimized for use with primary human cells, we have received feedback from customers that this particular medium can also be used for bovine, porcine, murine, dog, and rat smooth muscle cells.

To view a list of references where this medium was used with other species/cell types please click here.


  • Growth Medium (Ready-to-use): Includes Basal Medium and SupplementMix
  • Growth Medium Kit: Includes Basal Medium and SupplementPack
  • SupplementMix: Contains all media supplements premixed in one vial
  • SupplementPack: Contains all media supplements as individual vials
Media supplement Final supplement concentration
Fetal Calf Serum 0.05 ml / ml
Epidermal Growth Factor (recombinant human) 0.5 ng / ml
Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor (recombinant human) 2 ng / ml
Insulin (recombinant human) 5 μg / ml

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