SIRT Inhibitor Screening Kit

Simple fluorometric assay for sensitive and reliable screening of SIRT inhibitors. Available with SIRT2 or SIRT6 inhibitors.

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SIRT2 Inhibitor Screening Kit 100 assays

SIRT6 Inhibitor Screening Kit 100 assays

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The PromoKine SIRT2 and SIRT6 Inhibitor Screening Kits provide a rapid, simple, sensitive and reliable assay which is also suitable for high-throughput screening of SIRT2 or SIRT6 inhibitors. Analog to the SIRT1 Inhibitor/Activator Screening Kit, Sirtuin also deacetylates the substrate, which is then cleaved by the developer to release the fluorescent group whose signal can be detected at Ex/Em = 395/541 nm. In the presence of a SIRT inhibitor, the deacetylation will be impeded, preventing the cleavage of the substrate and release of the fluorescent group. An inhibitor control (nicotinamide) is included to compare the efficacy of the test inhibitors.