Senescence Detection Kit I (histochemical)

Specific detection of senescence marker in distinct pH in cultured cells and tissue sections.

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Senescence Detection Kit I (histochemical)
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Senescence Detection Kit I (histochemical)

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Senescence is an arrested state in which the cells remain viable, but are not stimulated to divide by serum or passage in culture. It is thought to be a tumor-suppressive mechanism and an underlying cause of aging. Senescent cells display an increase of cell size, senescence-associated expression of β-galactosidase (SAβ-Gal) activity, and altered patterns of gene expression.

The PromoKine Senescence Detection Kits I has been designed to detect the specific senescence marker (SA-ß-Gal activity) histochemically in cultured cells and tissue sections. The specific marker is only present in senescent cells and is not found in presenescent, quiescent, or immortal cells.