Protein/Antibody Labeling Kit

Kit for fluorescent labeling of proteins and antibodies

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Selected product Protein/Antibody Labeling Kit

PromoFluor-430 10 reactions

PromoFluor-500 10 reactions

PromoFluor-530 10 reactions

PromoFluor-550 10 reactions

PromoFluor-590 10 reactions

PromoFluor-640 10 reactions

PromoFluor-660 10 reactions

Cy3 10 reactions

Cy5 10 reactions

TexasRed 10 reactions

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In addition to our reactive fluorescence dyes for biomolecule labeling, PromoCell also offers complete, ready-to-use Protein & Antibody Labeling Kits. These innovative and user-friendly kits have been developed for convenient and highly efficient labeling of your specific antibody or target protein of interest with selected, superior PromoFluor dyes – covering the blue-green to far-red spectrum – and other common fluorophores.

The PromoFluor Protein & Antibody Labeling Kits contain the respective PromoFluor NHS ester of choice as well as all the other components required for a convenient and efficient labeling of biomolecules. All molecules containing a primary amino group, like peptides/proteins or 5′-aminomodified DNA oligomers and cDNA containing aminoallyl-dU-units can be easily labeled.

For purifying the fluorescent conjugates we provide our PF-Labeling Accessory Kit 1.