PromoFluor PCR Labeling Kits

Fluorescent DNA labeling by PCR. Available containing different fluorescent dyes and in different sizes.

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The PromoKine PCR Labeling Kits have been designed for convenient direct DNA labeling by PCR using Taq polymerase. The fluorescently labeled dUTP analogs provided with the kits have been optimized for enzymatic incorporation into DNA by using a proprietary linker technology. The high incorporation rates of the dye-dUTP analogs combined with the outstanding stability and quantum yield of the fluorophores make the kits the ideal choice for all typical DNA labeling applications such as FISH, single molecule detection, microarray gene expression profiling, and other nucleic acid hybridization assays.

The PromoKine PCR Labeling Kits contain all reagents required for highly efficient, rapid, and easy-to-perform DNA labeling (excluding primers and template DNA).

Figure 1. PromoKine's DNA Labeling Kits have been used to generate fluorescently labeled DNA probes for staining specific chromosome regions.