PromoFluor NIR NHS-Esters

Near infrared N-hydroxysuccinimidyl ester, for labeling primary amino groups of proteins and amino-modified nucleic acid.

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PromoFluor-670, PromoFluor-680, PromoFluor-700, PromoFluor-750, PromoFluor-770, PromoFluor-780 and PromoFluor-840 are next-generation long wavelength dyes representing a true breakthrough in the field. Other near-IR dyes suffer from problems of limited fluorescence brightness due to excessive dye aggregation and poor stability. The high water solubility of PromoFluor dyes means that a high dye-to-protein ratio can be attained without causing precipitation of the conjugates. PromoFluor NIR dyes are superior alternatives to the respective Alexa Fluor near-infrared dyes.
PromoFluor NHS-Esters (N-hydroxysuccinimidyl-esters) are intended for covalently labelling biomolecules containing a primary amino group (all peptides/proteins contain at least one amino group at the N-terminus). Moreover, amino groups can also be incorporated in other biomolecules without changing their activity or functionality. The most common examples are 5’-amino-modified DNA oligomers and cDNA containing aminoallyl-dU.