Cell-specific transfection reagent (HUVECs & other endothelial cells). Available in different sizes.

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We are also offering cell-specific, modified (e.g. ligand-conjugated) derivatives of PromoFectin that have been designed to optimize transfection results with sensitive, difficult-to-transfect primary human endothelial cells (such as HUVEC or HDMEC), macrophages and hepatocytes. Once inside the cell, PromoFectin’s unique “proton sponge” property provides an excellent escape mechanism for DNA particles to the cytoplasm.
Using PromoFectin-HUVEC up to 50% transfection rates could be achieved with primary endothelial cells such as HUVEC and HDMEC and it may be better suited for this kind of fragile cell type than the broad-range PromoFectin. PromoFectin-HUVEC is ideally suited for transfection of endothelial cells (also vascular endothelial cells of other origin) – yielding almost the same transfection rates than with our MATra technology but being more gentle to these very sensitive cells. This results in less cell stress and better cell viability (i.e. vitality). While PromoFectin can typically remain on most cells without media changes and washes, we anyway recommend medium change when working with very sensitive cells.

Figure 1. Primary human endothelial cells (HUVECs) transfected with GFP reporter plasmid using PromoFectin-HUVEC. Nuclei counterstianed with DAPI.