Preadipocyte Growth Medium

Low-serum cell culture medium for undifferentiated expansion of human preadipocytes.

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PromoCell Preadipocyte Growth Medium is a low-serum (5% V/V) medium developed for the undifferentiated expansion of human preadipocytes.

The media are optimized for primary human cells, but can also be used for murine preadipocytes/adipocytes.


  • Growth Medium (Ready-to-use): Includes Basal Medium and SupplementMix
  • Growth Medium Kit: Includes Basal Medium and SupplementPack
  • SupplementMix: Contains all media supplements premixed in one vial
  • SupplementPack: Contains all media supplements as individual vials
Media supplement Final supplement concentration
Fetal Calf Serum 0.05 ml / ml
Endothelial Cell Growth Supplement 0.004 ml / ml
Epidermal Growth Factor (recombinant human) 10 ng / ml
Hydrocortisone 1 μg / ml
Heparin 90 μg / ml

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