PF-Labeling Accessory Kit 1

Spin columns for protein & DNA purifications

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PF-Labeling Accessory Kit 1
  20 columns
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The PromoKine PF-Labeling Accessory Kit 1 contains 20 Centri•Pure columns that can be used for the rapid buffer exchange and/or removal of dyes and small molecules from proteins greater than 25 kDa. Centri•Pure MINI Spin Columns are used for quick and efficient desalting, buffer exchange, dye terminator removal and removal of labels from labeling reactions. The columns are sterile packed, pre‐swollen in PBS (pH 7.0), and ready‐to‐use.
The Centri•Pure Mini Spin Column gel matrix consists of Zetadex-50, a beaded composite material developed at emp BIOTECH. It is composed partially of crosslinked dextran. Molecules purified with Zetadex-50 are separated according to size. Smaller molecules pass significantly slower through the column than larger molecules. Buffer and pH effects on resolution are minimal. Purified proteins are eluted into PBS (pH 7.0). The convenient centrifugation protocol results in minimal dilution.
These columns are also included in The PromoKine ready-to-use Protein & Antibody Labeling Kits.
Centri•Pure Mini Spin Columns process samples having a volume of up to 100 μl. Optimal purification and recovery is obtained with a sample volume of 50 μl. The volume of the gel bed is 0.5 ml.