PBMC Proliferation Set

Product bundle consisting of our Mononuclear Cell Medium, animal/endotoxin-free human IL-2 and the ready-to-use Cell Proliferation Kit I (CFSE).

Mononuclear Cell Medium
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Cell Proliferation Kit I (CFSE)
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IL-2, human, recombinant (Plant)
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PBMC Proliferation Set
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PBMC Proliferation Set

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Understanding how immune cells are activated, proliferate and are regulated is the key for development novel and effective immunotherapeutic drugs, e.g. to fight cancer. Proliferation of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) is often used to investigate immune modulatory effects.
PromoCell offers a complete Starter Set to study this important cellular process as well as potential regulators (activators/inhibitors) of PBMC proliferation. The discounted Starter Set includes our Mononuclear Cell Medium, animal/enddotoxin-free human IL-2 as a control stimulator of PBMC proliferation as well as our Cell Proliferation Kit I (CFSE) for time-lapsed kinetic live cell monitoring.
Note: We also provide Human Mononuclear Cells (hMNC-PB)  as well as other cell proliferation dyes/kits. Please request!