Microsome Isolation Kit

Simple and convenient method to isolate active microsomes

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Microsome Isolation Kit
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Microsome Isolation Kit

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Microsomes are spherical vesicle-like structures formed from membrane fragments following homogenization and fractionation of eukaryotic cells. Microsomal preparations are an affordable and convenient in vitro system for assessing Phase I biotransformation reactions, as they contain all of the xenobiotic-metabolizing CYP isozymes and the membrane-bound flavoenzymes required for function of the multicomponent P450 enzyme system. Thus, microsomes isolated from liver tissue are used extensively in pharmaceutical research and environmental science to study the metabolism of drugs, organic pollutants and other xenobiotic compounds by the cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzyme superfamily.
The PromoKine Microsome Isolation Kit enables preparation of active microsomes in about one hour, without the need for ultracentrifugation or sucrose gradient fractionation. The kit contains sufficient reagents for simple and convenient procedures, yielding microsomes from roughly 25 grams of tissue or cultured cells.