MATra-si Reagent

For magnet-assisted cell transfection with siRNA

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siRNAs are small interfering/inhibitory sequence-specific RNA molecules that are able bind to a complementary sequence of a target mRNA, block translation of that target mRNA, and initiate its degradation. Consequently, synthesis of the corresponding protein of interest is prevented and the specific gene function is knocked-out. This process is termed RNA interference or gene-silencing and it is used to elucidate gene functions. Specifically designed small inhibitory RNA oligonucleotides (siRNAs) allow transient inhibition of gene expression in vitro and in vivo.
MATra-siRNA contains specifically coated magnetic nanoparticles, which are optimized to effectively bind and stabilize siRNA. It provides optimal delivery of siRNA into many different cell types enabling efficient and prolonged gene silencing. It can also be used to deliver mRNA, miRNA and oligonucleotides.

Figure 1. Human endometrial stromal cells transfected with fluorescein-labeled siRNA using MATra-siRNA Reagent.