MATra-S Immobilizer

For magnet-assisted cell immobilization

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Suspension cells have to be made “quasi-adherent” first by incubating them with the MATra-S Immobilizer reagent which contains magnetic nanoparticles (MagTag™) that are however not identical with the MATra-A Reagent particles (which only bind nucleic acids). The specifically coated MATra-S Immobilizer particles bind the floating suspension cells. By applying a strong magnetic force (placing a strong magnet plate beneath the respective cell culture flask or multi-well plate), the suspension cells are drawn to the bottom of the cell culture vessel lying there quasi-adherent and ready for the following actual transfection procedure for which either MATra-A Reagent or MA Lipofection Enhancer in combination with a transfection reagent of choice can be used.