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For magnet-assisted cell transfection with nucleic acids

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MATra-A Reagent consists of a suspension containing specifically coated magnetic nanoparticles (MagTag™) which can be loaded with the nucleic acid of interest (e.g. plasmid DNA, siRNA or oligonucleotides). Exploiting magnetic force (using a strong magnet plate that is placed beneath the target cells to be transfected), the complex consisting of the magnetic nanoparticles and the bound nucleic acids is rapidly drawn towards the cells where it is deposited at a high concentration directly on the outer cell membrane resulting in a very fast and efficient transfection of the cells. The uptake of this complex by the host cell is carried out via normal endocytosis. The transfection rate can thus be clearly increased – also with difficult to transfect cells such as primary cells – and the amount of nucleic acid required for successful transfection can be significantly reduced which in turn further reduces cytotoxicity. MATra-A Reagent can be used for the transfection of adherent and suspension cells; for transfection of suspension cells see also MATra-S Immobilizer.

MATra-A Reagent has been successfully used to deliver siRNA into many different cell lines, such as carcinoma cell lines (see Examples & Applications). However, for optimized siRNA transfection and prolonged gene silencing PromoCell provides the specifically developed MATra-siRNA Reagent.

Figure 1. Mouse fibrosarcoma cells transfected with GFP plasmid using MATra.
Figure 1. Mouse fibrosarcoma cells transfected with GFP plasmid using MATra.