Macrophage Transfection Set

Product bundle consisting of optimized media and reagents for efficient transfection of human macrophages.

Macrophage Base Medium DXF
User-customizable, defined and xeno-free medium for generation of macrophages from fresh monocytes. Medium does not include cytokines.
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Macrophage Transfection Set
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Macrophage Transfection Set

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Macrophages are rather difficult to transfect and are quite sensitive – particularly primary macrophages that are known to be damageable when using harsh transfection procedures such as elecroporation. Our PromoFectin-Macrophage has been specifically developed for a highly efficient nucleic acid delivery into primary macrophages, macrophage cell lines, monocytes & dendritic cells while retainting cytotoxic at a minimum. Our Macrophage Base-Medium DXF allows for maximum flexibility requiring only supplementation with M-CSF/GM-CSF.