Macrophage Base Medium DXF

User-customizable, defined and xeno-free medium for generation of macrophages from fresh monocytes. Medium does not include cytokines.

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Macrophage Base Medium DXF
  250 ml
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The Macrophage Base Medium DXF is the user-customizable version of the Macrophage Generation Media DXF and does not include cytokines. It comes without cytokines as a universally applicable MDM culture system featuring a fully user-customizable macrophage differentiation and activation process.


  • Basal Medium (250ml)
  • SupplementMix (for 250ml)

Note: Requires additional supplementation with M-CSF / GM-CSF

More details for  differentiation factor/activator combinations and recommended concentrations are available in our Application Note.

Macrophage Generation
Figure 1. In vitro macrophage generation with the PromoCell macrophage media system. Overview of the wide spectrum of macrophage polarization and activation possibilities.