MA Lipofection Enhancer

Magnet-assisted enhancement of cell transfection

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Transfection with common lipidic (liposomal) lipofection reagents (e.g. Lipofectamine, Lipofectin, TransFast, ClonFectin, TransFectin or GenePorter) or polycationic (non-liposomal) transfection reagents such as PromoFectin, FuGene, TransIT-LT, PolyFect/SuperFect or GeneJammer can be significantly enhanced by magnetic assistance (“Magnet Assisted Lipofection”). In this case, the nucleic acid of interest has to be combined with MA Lipofection Enhancer in the presence of a common transfection reagent. The formulation of MA Lipofection Enhancer, a suspension containing coated magnetic nanoparticles (MagTag™), has been optimized for use with common lipofection reagents but does also work with other non-liposomal, cationic transfection reagents. The MA Lipofection Enhancer binds the transfection reagent of choice that in turn binds the nucleic acid of interest. This complex – consisting of MA Lipofection Enhancer, the transfection reagent of choice and the respective target nucleic acid (e.g. plasmid DNA or siRNA) – is then drawn rapidly towards the cell, deposited directly on the outer cell membrane and eventually internalized by endocytosis.

The MA Lipofection Enhancer is not essential for many cells. For critical cell lines we recommend first trying MATra-A Reagent. If you want to benefit from the fast and efficient Magnet-assisted Transfection Technology and want to retain your traditional lipofection reagent you may use MA Lipofection Enhancer with PromoFectin or any other transfection reagent of your choice in parallel to find the optimal solution for your cells of interest!

Figure 1. Principle of Magnet Assisted Lipofection. The MA Lipofection Enhancer can be combined with any commercially available transfection reagent based on polycations or lipids.