Hydrogen Peroxide Assay Kit

Highly sensitive, simple, direct and HTS-ready colorimetric & fluorometric assay for measuring hydrogen peroxide in various biological samples

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Hydrogen Peroxide Assay Kit
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Hydrogen Peroxide Assay Kit

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The PromoKine Hydrogen Peroxide Assay Kit is a highly sensitive, simple, direct and HTS-ready colorimetric and fluorometric assay for measuring H2O2 in various biological samples. In the presence of Horse Radish Peroxidase (HRP), the OxiRed Probe reacts with H2O2 resulting in a product that can be quantified colorimetrically (λmax = 570 nm) as well as fluorometrically (Ex/Em=535/587 nm). The kit can perform 200 reactions by using the fluorometric method or 100 reactions by using the colorimetric method. The detection limit can be as low as 2 pmol per assay (or 40 nM concentration) of H2O2 in the more sensitive fluorometric assay.