Fluorometric Cell Viability Kit I (Resazurin)

Fluorometric cell viability and cytotoxicity detection.

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The resazurin-based PromoKine Cell Viability Kit I provides a simple and rapid measurement of cell viability. Moreover, this single-step, homogenous cell proliferation assay is sensitive, safe, and cost-effective. It only requires as few as 80 cells for reproducible results. The redox dye Resazurin (also known as Alamar Blue) detects cell viability by converting from a non-fluorescent, blue dye to the highly red fluorescent dye resorufin in response to chemical reduction of the growth medium caused by cell growth. The fluorescent or colorimetric signal generated from the assay is proportional to the number of living cells in the sample. The kit reagents are nontoxic to cells and allow kinetic monitoring. While fluorometric resorufin quantitation is more sensitive, colorimetric measurement is also possible.