Colorimetric Cell Viability Kit III (XTT)

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Colorimetric Cell Viability Kit III (XTT) 200 assays

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The PromoKine Colorimetric Cell Viability Kit III has been developed for determining the number of viable cells in culture. It is based on the reduction of the tetrazolium salt XTT into a colored formazan compound by mitochondrial enzymes. Since these enzymes are inactivated shortly after cell death, this is a reliable method for the detection of viable cells. The absorbance of the formazan product can be measured directly from a 96-well plate without additional processing.
In particular, the use of XTT greatly simplifies the procedure of measuring proliferation, and is, therefore, and excellent solution for the quantitating of cells and their viability without using radioactive isotopes. The PromoKine Cell Viability Kit III (XTT) was developed to assay cell proliferation in response to different growth factors, cytokines and nutrient components. In addition, it is suitable for assaying cytotoxicity of materials such as TNF or other growth inhibitors. XTT can be used as a non-radioactive substitute for cytotoxic tests based on the release of 51Cr from cells with no less sensitivity.