Bovine Pituitary Extract

Bovine Pituitary Extract available in different protein concentrations.

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PromoCell Growth Supplements are produced from bovine brain tissue exclusively originating from New Zealand and thus classified as BSE-free. The Growth Supplements are aqueous protein extracts from mixed-sex bovine pituitary glands (BPE). They are especially useful for the cultivation of different types of primary human cells under serum-reduced or serum-free conditions.

Bovine Pituitary Extract-15 and -26 are standardized to a protein concentration of 7.5 mg/ml or 13 mg/ml, respectively. For Normal Human Epidermal Keratinocytes (NHEK) the optimal concentration of BPE-15 is 0.4% (v/v) in the medium supplemented with the appropriate growth factors and hormones. Other epithelial and non-epithelial cells need the higher concentrated BPE-26.

Bovine Pituitary Extract not available in the US and Canada!