Apoptotic Cell Isolation Kit

Isolation of apoptotic cells from normal culture using annexin V magnetic beads (MagBeads).

Apoptotic Cell Isolation Kit
  30 isolations

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Apoptotic Cell Isolation Kit

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The PromoKine Apoptotic Cell Isolation Kit provides a simple and efficient means for isolation of apoptotic cells or removal of dead cells from cell culture or tissue preparations using Annexin V magnetic beads (MagBeads). Since Annexin V is a phospholipid-binding protein with high affinity for phosphatidylserine (PS), it binds strongly to PS that is redistributed from the inner to the outer surface of plasma membrane during apoptosis. Binding of Annexin V-biotin to apoptotic cells is followed by binding of the biotin to streptavidin-MagBeads enabling separation of apoptotic cells from normal cells. The apoptotic cells bound to the MagBeads adhere to the magnet – while normal cells stay in suspension. The bound apoptotic cells can then be released from the MagBeads using the Elution Buffer provided in the kit. The separated apoptotic cells and normal cells can be used in a variety of assays to study apoptotic mechanisms and pathways. The kit has also been successfully used to remove dead cells from normal culture. A re-usable magnetic separator designed for that kit is also available.