Angiogenesis Assay Kit

Endothelial tube formation assay for assessing angiogenesis.

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Angiogenesis Assay Kit
  50 assays
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The PromoKine Angiogenesis Assay Kit provides a robust method to determine angiogenesis in vitro in less than 18 hours. This tube formation assay provides a simple, easy to perform, semi-quantitative tool for assessing an­giogenesis. After staining the tube with the provided fluorescence dye the ex­tent of tube formation, such as average tube length and branch point, can be quantified using imaging software. Each kit provides sufficient quantities to per­form up to 50 assays in 96-well plates.

Figure 1. Monitoring tube formation using the Angiogenesis Assay Kit with HUVECs and VEGF-165 (all products from PromoCell).