3D Cell Culture Matrix Kit (Alginate Hydrogel)

Provides a standardized and user-friendly strategy for setting up spheroid formations, 3D cell cultures and pharmacological studies.

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3D Cell Culture Matrix Kit (Alginate Hydrogel)
  100 assays

The PromoKine 3D Cell Culture Matrix Kit (Alginate Hydrogel) is based on alginate, an anionic polysaccharide derived from the cell walls of algae. It provides a nanoporous matrix which lacks cell adhesion sites as well as growth hormones and other ECM proteins. Hence, it is a more controlled environment which is also easy to handle and preferred by certain cell types. As it solidifies to a gel in the presence of calcium ions and liquefies in the presence of calcium-chelating agents, it is an ideal scaffold for culturing of cells in three dimensions and conveniently harvesting these cultured cells. It supports successful 3D cell culture of different cell types including e.g. tumor cells.