More robust and advanced Pericyte Growth Medium 2 for your lab

PromoCell announces Pericyte Growth Medium 2. This advanced medium has been developed for in vitro cultivation of human pericytes from different tissues.

Pericytes build blood vessel walls and play a crucial role in the formation and maintenance of vasculature. These cells are multipotent, interact closely with endothelial cells, and are involved in immunosurveillance. Pericytes have potential as therapeutic targets due to their involvement in various pathophysiologies such as tumor angiogenesis. Pericytes show strong differentiation and proliferation potential in vitro, both useful properties for cell therapy approaches. When designing pericyte-based regenerative strategies the tissue the pericyte originates from must be considered.

In a standard culture media pericytes tend to grow slowly and undergo early senescence, whereas PromoCell Pericyte Growth Medium 2 has been designed to ensure the cells are optimally supported for cell proliferation and maintenance of multipotency. The Pericyte Growth Medium 2 is a low serum media with greater standardization than other growth mediums for an optimal culture environment.

We have improved the media formulation for our existing Pericyte Growth Medium to ensure the best possible growth performance of human pericytes. ‘’Our updated Pericyte Growth Medium 2 now allows for more robust growth performance and the use of much lower serum concentration offers much lower lot-to-lot variation enhancing the reliability and consistency of your results’’ says Dr. Manish Kumar, product manager for cells and media at PromoCell. “The new Pericyte Growth Medium 2 (C-28041) is in stock and already available for researchers. We intend to phase out the old version i.e. Pericyte growth medium (C-28040), however we have ensured that it remains available for our existing customers until end of 2019.” Dr. Kumar adds.

Dr. Christian Gojak, head of marketing at PromoCell, says “The PromoCell brand and quality seal stands for more than 29 years of expertise and a proven reputation in the production of quality products.” PromoCell offers reliability and excellent scientific support, giving researchers the products and knowledge they need to do their work.

To purchase PromoCell’s Pericyte Growth Medium 2, visit the product page or get in touch with the scientific support service at the toll-free number 0800 – 776 66 23.

From Disease to Healing: Exploring the Roles of Pericytes

Pericytes are crucial for the correct functioning of the vasculature in all human tissues – which makes them the future player in regenerative medicine.

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