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How can I place my order?

To place an order, you can use any of the following options: fax, email or our online shop. If you wish to order by fax, please click here to select your country and get the corresponding fax numbers. To order via email, please send your order to order(at) If you wish to order via our online shop, you first need to create an account and subsequently easily log-in for all future orders.

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What information does PromoCell need to properly process my order?

The following information is necessary to correctly process your order: Shipping and billing address, contact person's name and phone number, catalog number(s), size, and quantity. Please also clearly indicate if you have a customer number, reservation number (ATxxxxxx), or a quotation (ANxxxxx). 

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Do I receive an order confirmation?

When you order via our online ordering system, you will get an automatic order confirmation email. If you order by email or fax, you will not receive an order confirmation.

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