Scientific Posters

Primary Cell Culture Guide - Thawing, Freezing and Subcultivation

With routine sometimes comes carelessness: read our guide with critical steps and detailed protocols for thawing, freezing and subcultivation.

(DIN A3: 297 x 420 mm; PDF)



Primary Cancer Cell Culture From Human Tumor Samples

Isolate tumor cells from patient samples and transform them into long-term cell cultures. Learn more about the Primary Cancer Culture System and how it compares to other established culture methods.

(DIN A1: 594 x 841 mm; PDF) 



3D Tumorsphere Cell Culture Model

Three-dimensional cultivation offers the opportunity to better understand the interaction of cancer stem cells and their environment. Learn more about the model and its applications.

(DIN A1: 841 x 594 mm; PDF)

Characterization of Mesenchymal Stem Cells - Why Culture Conditions and Cell Identity Matter

Different methods of MSC isolation and expansion make it difficult to compare study outcomes. Learn more about how uniform characterization of MSCs can be applied for improving culture performance and research progress.

(DIN A1: 841 x 594 mm; PDF)


Troubleshooting Guide for Cell Culture

Are your cells growing slowly, or even dying? Check our Troubleshooting Guide to identify possible causes and to find out how to prevent and solve proliferation problems, contamination, etc.

(DIN A1: 594 x 841 mm; Hard copy poster)



Tumorsphere Cell Culture - Method and its Efficiency

Read about the tumorsphere culture and the tumorsphere formation efficiency, including protocols.

(DIN A1: 594 x 841 mm; PDF)