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Advances in science and medicine are powered by human endeavor. PromoCell empowers your biomedical research. We are your partners for primary cells and cell culture media, as well as for cell biology research. Our portfolio comprises more than 7,000 products that follow the strictest ethical and quality standards.

With more than 28 years of experience in human primary cell culture, we deliver research tools for scientists worldwide. Because sharing knowledge is key to scientific discovery, we also offer professional training at our PromoCell Academy. Our team of experts is by your side in your quest for new therapies.



PromoCell delivers human primary cells, stem cells and blood cells, as well as products for cancer cell culture, all of consistently excellent quality. Our PromoKine cell biology products include antibodies, ELISAs, cytokines, and growth factors for researchers worldwide. The PromoCell Academy offers professional training in the life sciences.

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With more than 7,000 cell culture, media, and PromoKine cell biology products, PromoCell is world leading manufacturer and premier supplier of biomedical tools. At the PromoCell Academy, you can deepen your scientific knowledge and sharpen your practical skills.

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Certified, verifiable, reliable. PromoCell stands for excellence in cell culture, professional service, and training. This means we adhere to the highest ethical, legal, and quality standards. Our top priority is to satisfy our customers, and build long-term relationships. We view you as partners, and gladly share our expertise.

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Ethical standards

Ethical Standards

As original manufacturer of all primary cells, stem cells and blood cells that we offer, we are committed to the highest ethical and legal standards. When obtaining human tissue, PromoCell strictly complies with European biomedical conventions, respects human rights, and protects donor privacy.

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How to place an order

How to Place an Order

Order PromoCell products for delivery anywhere in the world through our online shop, email, or fax. Credit card transactions are processed through our secure payment system, or you can request invoicing. And in selected countries, our network of distributors offers local ordering and support.

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Join our team of biomedical pioneers at PromoCell, a worldwide leading manufacturer of cell culture products. We offer a challenging and rewarding work environment. An exciting position at the frontier of scientific discovery awaits you.

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Where can we meet? At the following exhibitions and conferences, you can talk to PromoCell staff about your work, and learn more about our products. Do say hello. We look forward to finding out how we can help you!

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How can we help you? Contact our PromoCell team for specific technical support, inquiries, or detailed information on our products. Get in touch via email or call us. Please select your country here.

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