Updated Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells and MSC Media

Take advantage of PromoCellĀ“s state of the art human MSC and ISCT conform products for better results


Key Advantages:

  • Optimized MSC Growth Medium formulation with low serum content
  • PromoCellĀ“s MSC now with verified marker expression profiles
  • All MSC differentiate into osteo-blasts, adipocytes and chondro-
    cytes according to ISCT criteria
  • DXF media for chemically defined and xeno-free culture environment
  • Low media batch-to-batch variation


Cancer Stem Cell Medium

Setting a New Standard with Next Generation Tumor-sphere Medium



Key Advantages:

  • Supports most commonly used cancer cell lines
  • Allows extended serial tumorsphere passages
  • High tumorsphere formation efficiency
  • Serum-free and chemically defined
  • Ready to use 



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