As a premier manufacturer of  cell culture products, we are recognized in particular for our broad range of human primary, stem and blood cells, optimized cell culture media and comprehensive cell biology research products.


Updated Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells and MSC Media

Take advantage of PromoCellĀ“s state of the art human MSC and ISCT conform products for better results


Key Advantages:

  • Optimized MSC Growth Medium formulation with low serum content
  • PromoCellĀ“s MSC now with verified marker expression profiles
  • All MSC differentiate into osteo-blasts, adipocytes and chondro-
    cytes according to ISCT criteria
  • DXF media for chemically defined and xeno-free culture environment
  • Low media batch-to-batch variation


Cancer Stem Cell Medium

Setting a New Standard with Next Generation Tumor-sphere Medium



Key Advantages:

  • Supports most commonly used cancer cell lines
  • Allows extended serial tumorsphere passages
  • High tumorsphere formation efficiency
  • Serum-free and chemically defined
  • Ready to use 



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